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We are a Tribal Nation of Native Americans who are self governed and self sufficient. We do not look to the FG to tell us who we are. We know who we are. And we are proud of who we are without shame.  Many of our members are mixed bloods. Many of African American Ancestry and Taino, but make no mistake we are Indigenous people of these United States, and we love our Nation and Native people.  And we hold our own in our ancestry, culture and history, and we know our ceremonies and we honor our ancestors and keep or Creator in the utmost high regard.

We are Binay Yeha Noha.

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"The Tribe Called Binay"
"We Are Mixed Bloods Not Mixed-up"
The Word Binay is an Adoptive word which actually stands for "Black Indians & Inter-tribal Native American Association. Our Tribal group has been around since the late 70's. The Tribal group formed officially in 89. And has been the Pioneers of the history and culture and the struggles of Black Native Americans. Our goal is to educate and teach our heritage and culture to those who have no home but belong to a mixed group of Natives who are indigenous. And we want to share with those who are willing to listen. Please don't be mistaken, we are not a wanabee group nor are we a hobbyist. We are actual mixed blood Native Americans. We are not mixed up we know who we are  and hope to educate those who do not fully understand who we are and give a home and place for those like us who are not recognized but want to be recognized. We realize that many need of the government to validate them, we validate ourselves. And we stand strong in this mind set without fear or shame. We believe our Creator made us who we are, and we honor that.

Chief J Eaglefeather
  1. Managing Director
    Beautiful Dark Native Woman of 1800
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  2. Managing Director
    Little Black Indian Warrior of 1800
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  3. Managing Director
    Iron Horse & Bright Star
    Son and Daughter of Chief Eaglefeather San Carlos
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    Black Native Warrior of 1886
    Edward Curtis Photo Public Domain
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    Dark Natives of 1800's
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So many years have passed in these United States. Ofcorse there are Black Indians. Why would anyone think something else?
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