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We are a Tribal Nation of Native Americans who are self governed and self sufficient. We do not look to the FG to tell us who we are. We know who we are. And we are proud of who we are without shame.  Many of our members are mixed bloods. Many of African American Ancestry and Taino, but make no mistake we are Indigenous people of these United States, and we love our Nation and Native people.  And we hold our own in our ancestry, culture and history, and we know our ceremonies and we honor our ancestors and keep or Creator in the utmost high regard.

We are Binay Yeha Noha.

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Your Donations

As a thank you, you will receive a beautiful certificate of honor. And if your a tribal member you will also receive a special card along with this certificate.
Thank you for donating to your tribe. Please know that you will be blessed by our Creator for your giving. Every dime used every penny goes for the betterment and support of the tribe. You are helping the tribe maintain the web site, the hosting service, the phone calls, the news letters, the time and effort it takes to grow. We thank you and hope that you enjoy the blessings coming your way as a result of your giving.....I am constantly working on ways to bless our tribe and you will benefit from it. When we generate enough revenue, we will have a legal fund set aside for members if you should need a lawyer. I will keep you informed about that when it developed.

We are working on a very cost effective medical program for tribal members.
These are only few things that you will be blessed with because you are Binay
These things happen faster when we give together, so please give generously.
Please chose one of the options to make your "Monthly Donation"
Thank you and may our Creator bless you.

Please use your PayPal account or debit card or credit card to make your donation.
Your card will be  charged on the same time each month unless you request a stop.
Please note: You are under no obligation to give and your tribal membership will not be affected if you chose not to give. The only downside is that it will take the tribe longer to develop. And grow if we do not all stick together in this en devour.

If you have any questions please feel free to
email or call me:


Chief Eaglefeather
The Binay Tribe Yeha Noha


Anyone giving $10 a month will receive
A tribal certificate of donation.

Anyone who gives $20 or more will received the following
Monthly Newsletter mailed to their home.
A Certificate of donation

Anyone giving $30 a month will receive the following
Monthly Newsletter
Donation certificate
Signed photo of Chief Eaglefeather

Anyone giving $40 a month will receive the following
Monthly Newsletter
Donation Certificate
Signed Photo of Chief Eaglefeather
Free copy of the Binay Handbook [When it is released]

Anyone giving $50 a month will receive
Monthly Newsletter
Donation Certificate
Signed Photo of Chief Eaglefeather
Free copy of the Binay Handbook [When released]
Free and a copy of Chief Eaglefeather's CD Music.
Free and a copy of his next CD release

Please take this opportunity to do as much as you can.

If you cannot give monthly but would like to give something. You can chose the amount you would like to give below. You will still receive a thank you letter and certificate of the amount you donate. And while we hope you could do monthly you can always come back each month and make another donation. You will be blessed. Thank you.....Yeha Noha Binay.