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We are a Tribal Nation of Native Americans who are self governed and self sufficient. We do not look to the FG to tell us who we are. We know who we are. And we are proud of who we are without shame.  Many of our members are mixed bloods. Many of African American Ancestry and Taino, but make no mistake we are Indigenous people of these United States, and we love our Nation and Native people.  And we hold our own in our ancestry, culture and history, and we know our ceremonies and we honor our ancestors and keep or Creator in the utmost high regard.

We are Binay Yeha Noha.

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Welcome Tribal member you are not in the secured section of the Offficial Binay Tribal web site. Here you will find Blogs, Chat rooms and Research help matirial and more as things are added.  There is even chat with the Chief if you have any questions. Please enjoy your stay and use the utmost respect while you are here. And never share your password with anyone that would result of losing your tribal membership and being banded from the site. Your ID Scan will show a warning that you have been disenrolled and your card is voided. This is to insure protection of our tribe.

Thank you and enjoy your stay

Chief Jerry Eaglefeather
The Binay Tribe of Native American
We are Mixed Blood Not Mixed up.