The Binay Tribe
The Official Binay
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We are a Tribal Nation of Native Americans who are self governed and self sufficient. We do not look to the FG to tell us who we are. We know who we are. And we are proud of who we are without shame.  Many of our members are mixed bloods. Many of African American Ancestry and Taino, but make no mistake we are Indigenous people of these United States, and we love our Nation and Native people.  And we hold our own in our ancestry, culture and history, and we know our ceremonies and we honor our ancestors and keep or Creator in the utmost high regard.

We are Binay Yeha Noha.

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Tribal Leaders

Chief Eaglefeather of PA
Chief Henry III Hawks of IL
Chief Angela Ruckman of VA
Chief Paul Murray of FL
Chief Harry Smith of AL
Clan Mother Jennifer Osborn of VA
Clan Mother Fola Mborika Will I Am El of MD
Clan mother Tracie Noél Johnson of FL